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About Us

Empowering Lives, Security Housing

At Community Development Services LLC, we specialize in finding stable housing while establishing a basic living budget for the elderly, those with disabilities, and those who are homeless through consultation, transition, and continued assistance. We progress towards this goal by working with the clients to achieve self-sufficiency and housing stability by meeting people where they are while remaining mindful of cultural differences. In addition to helping our community, we believe we can remove obstacles to a healthy quality of life. CDS will ensure that the people we assist can develop their sense of empowerment and take control of their path toward a fulfilled life.

Our Mission

We aim to guarantee that underserved populations are supported and afforded respect and equality. We strive to boost communal housing's long-term stability and prevent future stretches of homelessness or institutionalization. We work to develop strong relationships with neighbors and landlords, making it possible to build natural community support. we also educate our clients on their responsibilities, such as helping them understand the obligations and restrictions of a lease.


No matter where someone comes from, our goal is to build strong, resilient communities and advocate for a fairer society.


We want to make a difference and ensure everyone is appreciated and valued, regardless of background, race, or religion. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and live in a secure, welcoming, and stable home. Our organization works to increase long-term stability in community housing and prevent future periods of institutionalization or homelessness.

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